About Me

Hey y'all! I'm Danielle. Wife to Corey, mom to 3 boys and a girl and the one-woman-show owner of Ruby Joy Boutique. We live in Central Ohio but both grew up in Michigan then spent 10 years in GA, where all our kids were born. I want to help you find confidence and everyday joy through fashion, community, and more.

I have always loved fashion. I think it started with playing dress up, Barbie dolls and those "Fashion Plates" of the 80s! I remember my grandma sewing up things I'd designed for my dolls then embellishing them with puff paints and bedazzling with with gems. My daughter now plays with several of the items that have survived! I, unfortunately, was not a stylish, confident kid growing up but oh, how I longed to be, and I did find that confidence as I grew into myself during college and as an adult.

Like many women do, I found myself a bit "lost" in motherhood during the busy, baby and toddler years. Wearing whatever cheap t-shirt I could grab because it was just going to be spit up on anyway. As my children got a bit older and started attending school more full-time, I found that I wanted, maybe even needed, something more but really had no idea what that would mean for me. I went to school to become the teacher I'd grown up wanting to be, but quickly realized that the traditional classroom wasn't a good fit, nor would it allow the flexibility I wanted to be able to be with my kids, so going back into that profession wasn't in the cards.

In 2015, somewhat spontaneously, I threw myself into running a clothing boutique out of my house. It quickly grew into online and live sales and plenty of schlepping bags full of clothes to my friends homes for shopping parties. I found that it gave these ladies a good excuse to unwind a little, a chance to invite and their friends and family to gather for a girls night in. I got to bring the fun and eat the snacks and drink the wine and meet new people. Win, win!

I channeled my lifelong love for fashion and truly found a passion for helping others find clothes that make them feel like the best version of themselves. Helping women find confidence in their skin so they can go out into the world with a smile.

Amid crazy schedules for four kids' school and sports' events, over the years, the boutique life worked for us! It allowed me to support my family from the comfort of my home, and plan around our calendar.

In 2020, we expanded to offering jewelry, gifts and accessories. Little somethings to bring some happiness to your days in some small way, because Marie Kondo, I am not. Small, pretty things bring me joy, alright?

In 2021 we rebranded, relaunched our business and made plans to open our first brick & mortar boutique in the Pickerington Village! We cannot wait to be a bigger part of our growing, historic downtown community as we continue to see our events and businesses flourish.